Refund and Cancellation Policy

1. Refund Policy
We deal in digital goods and services.Please make sure that you check quality of our free samples and products before buying anything. We are not a market place. We control quality very strictly as everything is designed inhouse.

2. Returns
Since we deal in online video courses and it's a digital service, we don't offer a refund. We request you to watch our sample free videos, available in almost every course. You can also watch our youtube channel videos to get to know about the quality of our videos. In simple terms, WE DON'T ACCEPT REFUND AT GOLANG.EXPERT .  Digital products once taken are considered as consumed

 3. Refunds
We don't accept refund request, Late or missing refunds (if applicable) Because of digital goods and services, we don't accept refund requests, please contact us at

 4. Sold Courses
Unfortunately, sale items cannot be refunded.

5. Exchanges
Since every course is in itself a valuable property, we don't take exchange requests too.  

6. Double Purchase
In case of double payment, due to any reason, you will get your 100% money back. Usually our system automatically detects such transactions and refunds them. But if due to any reasons mentioned actions are not triggered, please reach us out at We keep our pricing very transparent and honest.